CNN interviews L-105’s Hammond on presidential election views

Source: CNN

SCOTT HAMMOND, LOCAL 105 (Piketon, Ohio) business manager/secretary-treasurer, offered his views of the 2016 presidential election recently during an interview with CNN. The news network traveled across Ohio for a special "CNN Money" segment on battleground states that could help decide the election results. Other states in the series include Florida and Pennsylvania.

The Ohio report is titled “Hillary Clinton might lose Ohio because she badmouthed coal.” In that report, Hammond reacts to a question from reporter Poppy Harlow, stating, “Are you telling me that those are the best two candidates for the presidency of the United States? I don’t buy that.” His comments reflect the frustrations that voters feel during a particularly vicious and scandal-ridden election season. For many Boilermakers, including Hammond, the choice is far from clear, particularly since Hillary Clinton has taken a tough stance against coal, following Obama administration policies that have harmed jobs for Boilermakers, coal miners and others who work in the energy and fossil fuel industries. But Hammond also questions Donald Trump’s promises to bring back jobs, especially since “The Donald’s” merchandise often is made overseas.

Nothing seems sure as election day nears, certainly not in Ohio.