Check out these Web sites just for Boilermakers

More information is at your fingertips!

THREE WEB SITES — one of them re-designed and two created entirely new — are now providing access via the Internet to information developed exclusively for Boilermakers. The Boilermakers’ central Web site,, has been re-designed with a fresh, bold look, expanded content, and greater functionality. And it now offers access to the Digital Reporter, a new publication made necessary by convention action. The site is intended for all of our members.

For the first time, Canadian Boilermakers have a Web site tailored especially to them. Visit for news and information. In addition, the site offers Canadian members an online travel card registration service and gives potential new members an opportunity to post their resumes.

The Boilermakers National Funds office has introduced a new site as well, at This site offers information about the Boilermaker-Blacksmith National Pension Trust, the Boilermakers National Health and Welfare Fund, and the Boilermakers National Annuity Trust. The site is intended specifically for those who participate in one or more of these funds. It includes helpful links such as directories to help members find physicians and medical facilities. In the future, members participating in the National Annuity Trust will be able to access their accounts via the Internet. Be sure to check out the new National Funds logo at the top of the home page.