Boilermakers applaud investment in infrastructure and union jobs

Apr. 1, 2021

International Brotherhood of Boilermakers issues statement on American Jobs Plan

Kansas City, Kan. (Apr. 1, 2021) – With the American Jobs Plan being unveiled yesterday, International President Newton B. Jones has issued the following statement on behalf of the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers: 

“The International Brotherhood of Boilermakers is encouraged by many of the proposals outlined in the Biden-Harris Administration’s American Jobs Plan. This plan’s call for bold investment in infrastructure and clean-energy innovation can only be interpreted as a direct investment in our nation’s future and the futures of working men and women.

“As we have taken stock of the American Jobs Plan’s potential for union job creation, we are especially heartened to see measures included that match our urgent advocacy for scale up of carbon capture technologies that are integral to a cleaner energy future and increased job opportunities. 

“The Boilermakers union has long advocated for increased attention on carbon capture, use and storage as the best solution to truly mitigate climate change. Through a realistic mix of energy resources, including fossil fuels with CCUS, nuclear and renewables, we can provide reliable energy production while preserving and creating jobs, economic growth and social stability. Boilermakers look forward to being a critical part of building and retrofitting America’s energy and manufacturing infrastructure with carbon capture technologies that will save our planet and our jobs.

“Further, as union tradesmen and women, we cannot overemphasize the importance of President Biden’s commitment to championing labor unions and the work we do—and, under the American Jobs Plan, will continue to do—to ensure new infrastructure and clean-energy jobs are good union jobs that provide a safe and fair environment for America’s workforce.

“As we have done since 1880, union Boilermakers are eager to get to work and continue building a stronger America.”


Amy Wiser, Boilermakers Director of Communication

Established in 1880, the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, Iron Ship Builders, Blacksmiths, Forgers & Helpers is a diverse union representing workers throughout the United States and Canada who are employed in industrial construction, maintenance and repair; ship building; manufacturing; railroads; cement; mining and related industries. More information can be found at