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Locked out L-D239 stands strong, seeks return to work, fair contract


Members of Local D239 in Three Forks, Montana, man the picket line outside the Imerys Talc facility that locked them out August 2. Lodge president Randy Tocci holds a toy unicorn, referencing Montana Governor Steve Bullock’s assertion to the media that the lockout is a “unicorn” in Montana — a rare occurrence. The last lockout in the state happened in the 1980s.

Local community, nationwide and global support pours in after French multinational demands cuts to pensions, healthcare

THIRTY-FIVE LOCAL D239 Boilermakers in Three Forks, Montana, have been locked out at Imerys Talc America since August 2, their families going without paychecks and more after the French-owned company served up “last, best and final” contract demands that removed critical benefits.

“We want to keep working and honor our commitments while we continue the bargaining process with Imerys, and we’re open to mediation,” says L-D239 President Randy Tocci, who has worked at the talc mill for 38 years. “But we’ve been locked out because of corporate greed, pure and simple.”

At issue: Multinational Imerys’ proposed contract sought to freeze workers’ defined benefit pension, slash a 401(k) program, end health insurance for future retirees, eliminate seniority provisions and reduce overtime pay, among other cuts and changes that would negatively impact workers. Tocci notes that average length of service among the workers is about 25 years, and Imerys’ Three Forks operation is among the company’s most productive plants.

L-D239 immediately set up a picket line outside the talc mill and has been manning it nonstop since the early August lockout. And they’ve received a lot of support: The local community; local, state and federal political leaders (including, Montana Governor Steve Bullock), the Montana AFL-CIO, other Boilermakers and International staff have joined or visited the picket line, rallying around the workers and their families. Governor Bullock and U.S. Senator Jon Tester both sent formal letters imploring Imerys to return to the bargaining table. U.S. Senator Steve Daines also expressed his support. Nationwide shows of support have been constant on social media under the banner #StandWithThreeForks. IndustriALL Global Union has also participated, applying pressure to Imerys through its network and formal letters of support for L-D239.

“We are grateful and moved by the support and generosity that’s been shared with us,” Tocci says. “From food and monetary donations, to the many people who’ve stopped by to stand with us. It’s a motivator to know that so many people care about what’s happening to us — to our families. So many people have our backs.”

The International has set up a fund to assist L-D239 members and their families and is providing ongoing public relations and social media support, strategic planning and corporate research, legal consultation, and more. In addition, International staff have been on the ground with the local, as well as offsite coordinating outreach with the media, elected officials and labor organizations.

“Supporting our Local D239 brothers and sisters is a priority,” says Tyler Brown, Industrial Sector Operations Executive Director. “This is yet another case in America of a major multinational company looking to increase its profits on the backs of the American workers who are responsible for what’s made the company successful in the first place. It seems Imerys Talc would rather pad its own pockets and those of its shareholders than do what’s right and fair by its workers. What Imerys is doing is harsh and unfair.”

How you can help

YOU AND YOUR local can stand with Local D239 in a variety of ways:

  • Send a donation through the fund set up by the International. Checks should be made out to “W.T. Creeden, IST” with “D239 Lockout Assistance” on the memo line. Mail checks to:

    International Brotherhood of Boilermakers
    Attn: IST W.T. Creeden
    753 State Ave., Suite 565
    Kansas City, KS 66101

  • Use your social media power. Use #StandWithThreeForks to aggregate posts showing support for L-D239 and denouncing Imerys (tag Imerys as @Imerys) Follow @boilermakers.union on Facebook and @boilermakernews on Twitter, and share news about L-D239 as it develops.
  • Literally stand with L-D239. Visit Three Forks and pick up a picket sign to rally with the workers.

Watch, social media and your local lodge communications for additional opportunities to support L-D239, as they develop.

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Published on the Web: September 6, 2018

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