Workers protest illegal action at T&W Stamping


Don Hamric, Director of Research and Collective Bargaining

Amy Wiser, Director of Communications


Workers protest illegal action at T&W Stamping

Youngstown, Ohio (April 3, 2024)— Twenty-five workers, all members of Boilermakers Local 1622, began an unfair labor practice strike last week on March 25 to protest illegal actions by their employer, T&W Stamping. Local 1622 filed unfair labor practice charges with the National Labor Relations Board against T&W, which is owned by Durrel Partners, a commercial and real estate investment firm located in Twinsburg, Ohio.

The union and company have been in contract negotiations attempting to renegotiate a successor contract since November of 2023, following the expiration of a previous contract. Workers say T&W is engaged in regressive action and that T&W additionally has prematurely implemented a part of the company’s economic proposals prior to the parties reaching impasse (or agreement).

Regressive action means the company has essentially removed one of the economic proposals it had previously offered across the table, not living up to standards of good faith bargaining.

“We work hard for T&W, and we don’t make a lot of money. We’re proud of the quality work we do, safely and consistently, for our employer,” said Nick Dewell, L-1622 president. “We aren’t asking for much—just for the company to go back to the bargaining table with us and bargain in good faith.

“We had hoped it wouldn’t come to this—an unfair labor practice strike—but this is no way to treat the workers who have made them successful, and we can’t let this unfair treatment prevail.”

Workers are committed to continuing their ULP strike until the matter is resolved. There is no timeline yet regarding the NLRB’s review of the unfair labor practice filing.

“Our union will stand with our brothers and their families at Local 1622 to see this through,” said Boilermakers International President Warren Fairley.  “We hope the community and others will join us in standing in protest with these hard-working people.”

Workers are protesting near T&W’s facility at 207 N. Four Mile Rd in Youngstown, and the community is invited to join in solidarity.


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