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34th Consolidated Convention Notice: Delegates to be elected in April

In accordance with Articles 2 and 28 of the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers Constitution, nominations and elections for local lodge delegates to the 34th Consolidated Convention are to be held in March and April 2021.  

A special March 2021 meeting is to be called solely for the purpose of nominations and must be held after the regular March local lodge meeting. This meeting can be held on the same date immediately following the regular meeting, or on a later date in March. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it is strongly suggested that the meeting be conducted virtually and nominations handled by mail ballot. 

Elections must be held in April 2021 and not less than 30 days following nominations. They can be conducted at the regular April 2021 meeting or on a special election date that has been set previously. As with the nominations meeting, this meeting is strongly suggested to be conducted virtually, and elections by mail ballot.  

Every member in good standing is to receive written notice from their local lodge stating the time, date and location or instructions for the nomination and election meetings. 

For more detailed information on the nomination and election procedure, please refer to Articles 2 and 28 of the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers Constitution. 

The 34th Consolidated Convention will convene virtually on July 19, 2021.