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How IndustriALL project work helps unions in Indonesia

Mon, 11/11/2019 - 07:13

November 2019 saw two more good examples of how IndustriALL project work supports affiliates in Indonesia.

Action in shipbuilding and shipbreaking

Thu, 11/07/2019 - 10:16

Shipbreaking is one of the most dangerous professions in the world. When IndustriALL’s action group on shipbuilding-shipbreaking met in Marseille on 4-5 November, safety was high on the agenda, together with precarious work and increased campaigning for the ratification of the Hong Kong Convention.

Shine bright like a diamond: unions will fight to improve working conditions

Thu, 11/07/2019 - 09:03

Trade unions representing diamond workers met in New Delhi, India on 6 and 7 November. They focused on developing a plan to improve conditions in the diamond supply chain, which is mostly located in Asia and Africa.

Population out in force for general strike in Algeria

Thu, 11/07/2019 - 07:44

Algeria is in the grip of a three-day general strike as almost half the population has stopped work across the country to demand democracy, liberty and workers’ rights, say unions.

Release RCEP text immediately, say unions

Thu, 11/07/2019 - 04:12

India has withdrawn from the RCEP trade agreement, while the remaining 15 countries announced the end of negotiations and a commitment to sign the deal in 2020.

Union-made blazers for South Africa's Rugby World Cup champions

Wed, 11/06/2019 - 08:34

When South Africa beat England 32-12 in the Rugby World Cup final in Yokohama, Japan on 2 November, the 450 workers at the House of Monatic who belong to the Southern African Clothing and Textile Workers Union (SACTWU) celebrated a double victory — that of the Springboks and of their union’s “buy local” campaign.

Unionists, human rights activists and opposition politicians under siege in Zimbabwe,

Tue, 11/05/2019 - 12:06

When Munashe Chirowamari left home on 11 October 2018 to join fellow trade unionists on a demonstration organised by the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) against the ever-worsening economic situation in the country, little did he know that the state would not recognise his right to protest.

Workers education conference discusses revival of textile and garment sector in Nigeria

Tue, 11/05/2019 - 06:20

Over 400 participants from the cotton, textile and garment industries including self-employed tailors and garment makers met in Abuja, 29-31 October, under the theme: Labour and industry in the next level. 

Young workers in Asia-Pacific planning ahead

Mon, 11/04/2019 - 13:13

Establishing youth committees at national levels and ultimately forming a regional network is the main goal of the recently concluded Youth Exchange Forum in Port Dickson, Malaysia, on 21-22 October. Building capacity and encouraging young workers to get involved in union activities are among the main strategies identified to strengthen the group.

Italian metalworkers strike for sustainable industry

Mon, 11/04/2019 - 01:55

Members of IndustriALL Global Union’s Italian metal sector affiliates, FIOM-CGIL, FIM-CISL and UILM-UL, put down their tools for two hours on 31 October to hold workplace assemblies demanding urgent policies for a sustainable industrial future.

Unions can shape the future of work in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Fri, 11/01/2019 - 10:13

Pro-active trade unions can shape and influence the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) and the digital economy, said a panel of unionists from Germany and South Africa at a Global Labour University  (GLU) conference in Johannesburg on 31 October.

Saint-Gobain union network demands genuine dialogue

Fri, 11/01/2019 - 06:03

Meeting in Paris, France, around 30 union leaders representing Saint-Gobain workers in nine countries worldwide, strongly expressed their desire for genuine dialogue with the company about the deep transformation called “Transform and Grow” which was launched November 2018.

Adidas, get off the sidelines!

Fri, 11/01/2019 - 05:09

On 29 October, demonstrators in New York City called on major sports brand Adidas to join ACT, the global initiative on living wages. By refusing to join ACT, Adidas is effectively standing in the way of progress towards  a living wage for garment workers.

Kazakh union leader Erlan Baltabay imprisoned again

Thu, 10/31/2019 - 09:26

IndustriALL Global Union and the ITUC are calling for the release of Erlan Baltabay, a leader of the Independent Oil and Energy Workers’ Union in Kazakhstan, who has been returned to prison to serve a new 5-month term.

Iraqi unions: “We want bread, not bullets”

Thu, 10/31/2019 - 07:56

IndustriALL Global Union joins its Iraqi affiliates in condemning the violence and repression by security forces against people joining demonstrations protesting corruption and unemployment. Millions of Iraqis suffer from poverty, with widespread unemployment, particularly among young people.

Anti-inequality protests intensify in Chile

Thu, 10/31/2019 - 05:54

More than a million people took part in the biggest demonstration in Chile since democracy was restored. The protestors are calling for an end to the country’s widespread social inequality, and have been out on the streets every day to make their demands heard.

Agreements unite formal and informal metal workers in Kenya

Wed, 10/30/2019 - 11:39

To effectively unite, recruit and organize informal metal workers, the Amalgamated Union of Kenya Metal Workers (AUKMW) and other unions have signed agreements with the Ambira Jua Kali Artisans Association and the Migingo Self Help Group Association.

Aerospace unions aim to take global solidarity to next level

Tue, 10/29/2019 - 10:38

The world’s most powerful aerospace unions, affiliated to IndustriALL Global Union, met in Singapore from 23-25 October 2019 and developed a comprehensive global strategy to take solidarity to the next level.

H&M suppliers in India discuss effective GFA implementation

Tue, 10/29/2019 - 09:10

More than a hundred H&M suppliers who employ hundreds and thousands of workers, participated in joint workshops organized by IndustriALL and Swedish clothing company H&M to discuss the global framework agreement (GFA) and its implementation.

Autoworkers vote to end GM strike

Tue, 10/29/2019 - 04:01

Members of the United Autoworkers (UAW) have voted to end the longest strike at GM since 1970.