L-456 welcomes first apprentice class

Training center named for IP Newton B. Jones

THIRTEEN FIRST-YEAR apprentices are now receiving instruction at the newly-completed Newton B. Jones Regional Training Facility at Local 456 in Rock Hill, S.C. (near Charlotte, N.C.). The 10,000-square-foot facility features 18 welding booths, a 12-foot-tall indoor steel rigging structure with monorails, 2,400 square feet of classrooms, and other shop and office facilities.

Local 456 BM-ST Adrian Hemby said an existing building was totally renovated to accommodate the needs of the local lodge, which was chartered Dec. 1, 2012 to achieve the merger of Local 30 (Greensboro, N.C.) and Local 687 (Rock Hill, S.C.).

Pictured are, first row, left to right, apprentices Curtis Mitchel, Carlos Burgess, and Patrick Young. Middle row, Dist. 57 BM Ed Vance, apprentice Robert Wright; secretaries Betty Farrington and Rebecca Hendrick; apprentice Shawn Lee; instructor Shawn McDaniel; apprentice Randal Horne; and L-456 BM-ST Adrian “Chief” Hemby. Back row, instructor James Dukes; apprentices Oscar Cruz Jr., Nicholas Pesek, Brett Judah, and Andre Young; Instructor Joe Rush; apprentices Joshua Thompson, Cordara Hill, and Brant Nimon; and contractor rep Vern Jarva. Southeastern Area Joint Apprenticeship Committee (SAJAC) instructors Lee Kemp, not pictured, and Joe Rush are working with local lodge trainers to set up the training program.