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LEAP honors CAF, LEF donors


IVP Larry McManamon accepts the award for highest LEF contribution by a local lodge on behalf of Local 83 (Kansas City, Mo.) from D-PA Bridget Martin.


Pittsburgh Local 154 delegates accept the award for highest CAF contribution by a local lodge from IVP Dave Haggerty, right.


D/CRS Gary Evenson, right, accepts the award for highest average CAF contribution by members on behalf of Local 11, Helena, Mont., from IVP Tom Baca.


Philadelphia Local 13 BM-ST John Clark, second from right, accepts the top award for highest average LEF contribution by members from, left to right, IVP Dave Haggerty, D-PA Bridget Martin, and IST Bill Creeden.

Funds support pro-worker candidates, member education

TOP DONORS TO CAF and LEF in 2012 received recognition during the 45th annual Legislative Education Action (LEAP) conference in Washington, D.C., May 5-9. The awards went to vice-presidential sections, individual lodges, and individual members.

CAF (Campaign Assistance Fund) is how our union contributes money to candidates for federal office. It is used primarily to make contributions to election campaigns for the U.S. House and Senate. Because CAF is a political action committee (PAC) fund, donations to it are completely voluntary. CAF money cannot come from a lodge’s treasury or dues; it can only come from donations or fund-raising activities. And only active and retired Boilermakers, and their immediate families, may give.

The conference recognized the Great Lakes (IVP Larry McManamon) for the highest CAF contribution by a section in 2012 — $124,806.27. Local 154, Pittsburgh, received the award for largest CAF contribution by a local lodge, raising $78,627.89. Local 11, Helena, Mont., won for highest average CAF contribution per member at $54.36. The top individual member CAF fundraiser award went to Gerard “Mozzy” Maciejewski, Local 107 (Milwaukee, Wis.), who raised $4,967.

Retirees contributed a total of $99,766.02 to CAF in 2012. International staff and officers contributed another $50,129.50.

In addition, pre-conference donations and those made during the event totaled $9,115. “This total is among the top — and could well be the highest — amount raised during registration and the actual event,” said Political Affairs Director Bridget Martin.

In all, Boilermakers donated $516,846.87 to CAF in 2012, a drop of 11.9 percent over 2011.

LEF donors recognized

THE LEGISLATIVE EDUCATION Fund (LEF) is the Boilermakers’ non-federal “527” account, which is used to influence elections to state and/or local office and to offices in political party organizations. It is not used for direct contributions to federal candidates but may be used for public communications about them. The LEF account should be spent exclusively for election-related purposes, or only insubstantially for other purposes, such as legislative activities.

The award for the highest LEF contribution for a section in 2012 went to the Great Lakes (IVP Larry McManamon), which raised $60,602.22. Local 83 (Kansas City, Mo.) won the award for the highest contribution by a local, with $28,221.02. The highest average contribution per member went to Local 13 (Philadelphia) at $1.92 per month.

LEF contributions in 2012 totaled $237,807.21, an increase of 12.76 percent over 2011.

Top 10 Local Lodge
CAF and LEF Contributors in 2012
Top 10 locals giving to CAF Top 10 locals donating to LEF
Local 154 Pittsburgh $78,627.89 Local 83 Kansas City, Mo. $28,221.02
Local 92 Los Angeles $38,137.41 Local 13 Philadelphia $23,988.75
Local 549 Pittsburg, Calif. $30,167.97 District 57 Chattanooga, Tenn. $10,000.00
Local 5 New York $19,758.76 Local 549 Pittsburg, Calif. $8,407.00
Local 374 Hammond, Ind. $19,687.55 Local 502 Tacoma, Wash. $7,592.65
Local 85 Toledo, Ohio $16,156.56 Local 104 Seattle $6,580.00
Local 744 Cleveland $13,450.52 Local 60 Peoria, Ill. $6,132.75
Local 105 Piketon, Ohio $13,408.00 Local 154 Pittsburgh $5,034.25
Local 1 Chicago $12,620.91 Local 374 Hammond, Ind. $3,670.50
Local 11 Helena, Mont. $10,592.08 Local 693 Pascagoula, Miss. $3,412.50
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Published on the Web: June 21, 2013

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