Officers & Staff

  • Arnie M. Stadnick - International Vice-President
  • Elaine Jackson - Administrative Assistant to the IVP


Lodge 58 (Winnipeg, MN) was the first Boilermaker Lodge chartered in Western Canada in 1892. It became known as Boilermaker Lodge 58 of the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers and Iron Ship Builders Protective and Benevolent Union of the United States and Canada. Lodge 58 was a Railway Lodge and is no longer in existence.

Services Provided to Lodges

Servicing, grievance handling, arbritation, jurisdiction-related matters, organizing assistance, seminars, direct and indirect collective bargaining, lobbying.

Representative Industries

  • Shop employers
  • Boilermaker Contractors' Association (Construction)
  • Quality Control Council of Canada
  • Cement / Lime / Gypsum & Allied Workers