Membership Services

Services Provided to Locals

  • Membership enrollment - initiations, reinstatements, deposit of withdrawal cards, etc.
  • Monthly membership report processing
  • Membership record updating — change of classification, Retired Members Card, transfer cards, name changes, address changes, etc.

Services Provided to Members

Although we communicate mostly with local officers, we are happy to assist members by forwarding their calls to the person who can address their questions or concerns.

Membership Information Requests

In order to request membership records, please send a written request to the International Headquarters at the below address:

International Brotherhood of Boilermakers
International Secretary-Treasurer’s Office
12200 N Ambassador Dr, Suite 301
Kansas City, MO 64163

Please be sure to include a detailed written description of the records you are requesting, along with a signed authorization from the member whose records you are requesting (or an authorized representative of such member) allowing the IBB to release such records.

The request and authorization will be evaluated upon receipt and no admissions are made with respect to such records.

Service of Subpoenas and Other Process

With respect to service of Subpoenas and other process, please note that Article 34.9 of the International Brotherhood Constitution provides that “[o]nly the Officers of the International Brotherhood are authorized to be agents for service of processes,” and that “International Representatives, employees of the International Brotherhood, or officers and employees of subordinate bodies are not authorized to be agents of the International Brotherhood for service of processes under any circumstances.”

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Contact Information

Membership Services
c/o International Secretary-Treasurer Kathy Stapp
12200 N Ambassador Dr, Suite 301
Kansas City, MO 64163
Phone: (913) 371-2640
Fax: (913) 281-8197

Membership Downloads

Date Description
8/16/2022 Exception Report: Membership Enrollments
Fillable Excel Form
Printable Adobe PDF Form
8/17/2022 Exception Report: Membership Status/Classification Changes
Fillable Excel Form
Printable Adobe PDF Form