Construction Sector Services Department


  • Anthony Howell — Executive Director of Construction Sector Operations Division
  • Martin Stanton — Director of National Construction Agreements, Director of Jurisdictional Services (CSO)
  • Monte Causey — Director of Construction Division Services, Assistant Director of Construction Sector Operations, Director of National Recruitment Services and Assistant to the International President, Executive Director of Quality Control Council of the United States
  • Daniel Watson — Director of National Transient Division Services and Assistant Director of Construction Sector Operations

Services and Responsibilities

Delegates to the 2011 convention made structural changes to the Brotherhood that included establishing a Construction Sector Operations (CSO) Division. The purpose of the CSO Division is to service members who have an employment relationship in the Construction Sector. It comprises the Construction Sector Division, the National Transient Division, the Quality Control Council, and all other construction industries.

Contact Information

Construction Sector Operations Department
International Brotherhood of Boilermakers
12200 N Ambassador Dr, Suite 303
Kansas City, MO 64163
Phone: (913) 371-2640
Fax: (913) 281-8104