Why Join the Boilermakers?

Boilermakers are the essential workers who warm your home in the winter and make products you use in your daily life—from paints to plastics, medicines to green energy, we’ve had a hand in it all. 

We have openings for every skill level, from new grads to seasoned workers. Regardless of your background, we’ll train anyone who has a solid work ethic. The union has modern training centers across North America, a special program for former military and continuing education for career advancement. If you are looking for good wages, excellent benefits and a contract that protects workers, apply today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is it like to work as a Union Boilermaker?

A. It’s not boring! It takes skill and concentration and a commitment to safety. Construction Boilermakers have hard skills such as welding, rigging and are professionals on the job. Being a Union Boilermaker means your voice matters. You’ll also likely get to see North America because Boilermakers often travel for work.

Q. What happens if I don’t already have skills? Will I be treated poorly on the job as a result?

A. Absolutely not! If you don’t already know the Boilermaker trade, the Union has a clear structure of teaching in the classroom, online and on-the-job. As you move through the apprenticeship program, you will move up the pay scale based on a schedule with defined criteria. The more you learn, the more you earn. Not only are you skipping the high cost of college tuition, but you’re also gaining a valuable skillset while earning a paycheck.

Q. How much will I make?

A. Wages are dependent on geographical territory. Your Boilermaker local lodge has the most accurate information on wages. No matter where you live, wages are highly competitive and grow as you put more time in. If you’re an apprentice, pay will increase on a set scale as your skillset increases.

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