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IEC scholarship committee announces local, CFL winners

THE BOILERMAKERS’ International Executive Council (IEC) scholarship committee has announced its selection of scholarship award recipients for two local lodges and the Canadian Federation of Labour (CFL).

How to apply for a L-13, L-83, L-105, L-108, L-146, or CFL scholarship

DEPENDENTS OF LOCAL 13, Local 83, and Local 108 members who meet the eligibility requirements of the International Executive Council (IEC) Scholarship Program (listed at may also apply separately to Local 13, Local 83, or Local 108 for their awards program.

Dependents of Local 105 and Local 146 members, who are eligible and apply for the Boilermakers IEC Scholarship, are also considered applicants to their respective local lodge award programs.

Dependents of Canadian members who are eligible and apply for the Boilermakers IEC Scholarship are also considered applicants to the CFL scholarship program.

Jeremy McGibbon, son of Gregory McGibbon, Local Lodge 128 (Toronto, Ontario), and Gabrielle Vienneau, daughter of Claude Vienneau, Local Lodge 73 (Halifax, Nova Scotia), will each receive a $1,000 Canadian Federation of Labour scholarship award.

John Allen, son of Larry Allen, and Hannah Spiller, daughter of Ricky Spiller, will each receive a $2,000 Don Storey Scholarship Award from Local Lodge 105 (Piketon, Ohio).

Ashley Dallinger-Williams, step-daughter of Alex Deren, will receive a $2,000 scholarship award, and Danielle Curran, daughter of John Curran, a $1,000 scholarship award from Local Lodge 146 (Edmonton, Alberta).

Local 13 awards 29 grants totaling $226,400

LOCAL LODGE 13, Philadelphia, announces the winners of 28 academic scholarship awards, each totaling $8,000, and one $2,400 vocational scholarship to dependents of Local 13 members who participated in the local’s annual competition. Winners were selected based on the results of a college aptitude test administered and graded by St. Joseph’s University.

The academic grants will be awarded over a period of four years — $1,000 per semester for eight semesters. The vocational grant, funded by the widow of apprentice Jeffrey C. Davis (who was killed in a 2002 job-site explosion), will be awarded over a period of two years at $600 per semester for four semesters. The Local 13 scholarship committee does not release names of scholarship winners for publication.

Local 83 awards seven $3,000 grants

LOCAL LODGE 83, Kansas City, Mo., announces the winners of seven $3,000 scholarship awards to dependents of Local 83 members who participated in the local’s annual competition.

Members of the local’s Special Funds Committee selected the following award recipients in 2010: Christian Dawn Acamo, daughter of James and Gail Knaebel; Cassandra Born, daughter of Patrick Born and Carmen Moore; Katie Ann Henneman, daughter of Arthur and Melody Henneman, Jr.; Molly McCulloch, daughter of Chad and Jeania McCulloch; Jessica Mendenhall, daughter of Joe and Debra Mendenhall; Christina Parle, daughter of John and Mary St. Helene; and Alexander White, son of James Bradley and Elisha White.

Five scholarships awarded by Local 108

LOCAL LODGE 108, Birmingham, Ala., has awarded five scholarship grants totaling $6,000 to dependents of Local 108 members. This is the fourth year the local has issued scholarship awards. Local 108 BM-ST Ronnie Dexter says Recording Secretary Timothy Simmons was instrumental in setting up the lodge’s scholarship fund. Receiving a $2,000 award is Ashlee Brooke Tidwell, daughter of Heath Tidwell. Receiving a $1,000 award are Chelsea M. Daniel, daughter of Donnie Daniel; Ann Marie Tune, daughter of Ava Tune; Abbie Wolverton, daughter of Kristie and Stephen L. Speed; and Sarah Wyers, daughter of Wesley Wyers.

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Published on the Web: October 6, 2010

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