Locals award service pins

Locals award service pins

Local 1 • Chicago

ERIC S. DAVIS, BM-ST of Local 1, Chicago, reports presentation of a membership pin to the following:

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Boilermakers advocate for CCUS technology in Canada

Attendees view the Boilermakers commissioned film “CCS: Bridge to a Cleaner Energy Future” to learn how CCUS works and why it is a vital climate-change solution that preserves jobs and the economy.

BOILERMAKERS CHAMPIONED CARBON Capture, Use and Storage (CCUS) technology at two key energy and climate events in Saskatchewan and British Columbia in May.

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Bank of Labor receives USA Diamond Life Corporate Achievement Award

Bank of Labor

THE UNION SPORTSMEN’S Alliance honored Bank of Labor with the Diamond Life Corporate Achievement Award this past June.

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Congresswoman Holmes Norton visits Boilermaker reception

Representative Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC), center, at the 2019 LEAP Congressional Reception with, l. to r., Vernon Jackson and the late Wilton Barnett, L-S50; IVP-NE John Fultz; Dan Weber, L-193; Clifton Saul, L-S50; EA-DGA Hannah Samuel; Ron Myers, L-193; and Darrin Furgason and Brian Bosse, Vulcan.

REPRESENTATIVE ELEANOR HOLMES Norton (D-DC) visits with Boilermaker constituents during the 2019 LEAP Congressional Reception, April 16 at the Mayflower Hotel.

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Second California Refinery Tripartite spotlights manpower, skillsets and safety

IVP-Western States J. Tom Baca welcomes participants to the 2019 California Refinery Tripartite Conference in Napa.

BUILDING ON DISCUSSIONS begun during the first-ever California Refinery Tripartite conference in 2018, more than 125 refiners, contractors and Boilermakers convened 26 in Napa for the 2019 Californ

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Boilermakers, partners win awards for campaign against lockout

Boilermakers’ film partner Wide Awake Films won a Bronze Telly award for the video they produced about the L-D239 lockout.

THE BOILERMAKERS COMMUNICATIONS department and partners Wide Awake Films and Creative Marketing Programs, Kansas City, have won two industry awards for campaign materials supporting an end to last

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L-627 contingent visits state legislators for Day of Action

Forty members of L-627 gathered in the courtyard of the Arizona State Capitol for the local’s first annual Day of Action.

LOCAL 627 (Phoenix) BM-ST Jacob Evenson had an inspiration when he returned home in April from the

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Money brought her to the union; the Brotherhood keeps her here

L-83 dispatcher Tatum Keister

IT’S NO SURPRISE that Local 83 dispatcher Tatum Keister turned to the trades for her livelihood when she indentured in 2003.

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Boilermakers revitalize shipbuilding in British Columbia

The Sir John Franklin is the first Coast Guard ship built at Seaspan. The ship will be delivered to the Coast Guard this summer, following sea trials.

ON PICTURESQUE VANCOUVER Island, down a quiet street near the water in the capitol city of Victoria, Local 191 Boilermakers (Victoria, B.C.), along with travelers, are doing their part in bringing

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Broken back and road to recovery lead to fresh perspective

Scott Tansey, L-667 (Charleston, West Virginia), waiting for his discharge from the hospital after suffering life-threatening spinal cord injuries in an automobile accident.

SCOTT TANSEY HAS always been a man of faith. More or less. Probably less lately, he admits.

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