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the Boilermaker Reporter

Volume 50, Number 2
Apr 2011 to Jun 2011


Included articles:

Boilermakers excel at Prairie State power plant build, Boilermakers mourn the loss of Abe Breehey, Construction conference tackles industry issues, LEAP fires up delegates, Local 687 wins NACBE Safety Award, Boilermakers support Canadian workers’ memorial, Local 28’s Engle family lends a hand to historic documentary, and much, much more...

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L-D6 reaches ‘exceptional’ agreement with Lafarge

L-D6 bargaining committee, l. to r., Charles “Chuck” Hopwood, president emeritus

Lodge makes improvements despite economy

NEGOTIATING A CONTRACT during a weak economy can be especially tough for local lodges. When L-D6 (Buffalo, Iowa) faced off last year against Lafarge — one of the largest cement makers in the world — the bargaining committee knew it had better be well prepared.

To make matters even more challenging, the cement plant had recently installed new plant management, so labor-management relations were in some ways starting over.

Locals  L-D6
Reporter  V50N2

Conference honors Boilermakers for CAF, LEF support

Donations build Brotherhood’s political strength

LODGES, VICE PRESIDENTIAL sections, and individual members that excelled in raising money for CAF and LEF in 2010 received special recognition during the LEAP conference in Washington, D.C., March 21.

Tags  LEAP Issues
Reporter  V50N2

L-154 opens renovated retiree center

L. to r.: Pres. Abe Hughes, trustee Don Habedl, Vice Pres. Dale McFetridge, BM V

LOCAL 154 (PITTSBURGH) retirees are enjoying their newly remodeled meeting and recreational facility located near the lodge’s union hall. BM Ray Ventrone joined with retiree officers for the formal opening and dedication on Jan. 29. In addition to providing space for L-154 retirees, the building includes a grand ballroom for the lodge’s social events and public rental. The facility also includes additional classroom space for apprentices and trainees.

Locals  L-154
Reporter  V50N2

Boilermaker roots lead to film debut for L-28’s Engle family

Multi-generational L-28 members of the Engle family, dressed in costumes from th

Documentary will depict Brotherhood’s history

OKAY, SO IT wasn’t Hollywood. That didn’t seem to matter to four members of the Engle family who traveled to Kansas in early April for a chance to be part of a Boilermaker documentary. Bob Engle (now retired) and his sons Frank III and Dan, along with Bob’s brother, Ricky, all from Local 28 (Newark, N.J.), enjoyed the opportunity to visit International headquarters before taking part in some “historic” filming.

Tags  Local News
Locals  L-28
Reporter  V50N2

Local 687 wins NACBE Safety Award

istrict 57 BM-ES Ed Vance, second from right, accepts the top NACBE safety award

Lost-time injuries drop to record low

TO PREFACE THE NACBE awards presentation at the Boilermakers Construction Division Conference held at Marco Island, Fla., March 20-25, NACBE Exec. Dir. John Erickson congratulated all locals for driving the 2010 lost-time injury rate to an all-time low. “We could not have accomplished these numbers without the participation of each and every single Boilermaker,” he said.

Locals  L-45, L-105, L-500, L-687
Reporter  V50N2

Canadian members sharpen supervisory leadership skills

Members of L-128 (Toronto, Ontario) and L-555 train in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Feb. 16-17, 2011.

Program emphasizes communication techniques

FORTY-EIGHT MEMBERS from four Canadian locals participated in the two-day field supervisor leadership training program held late last year and early this year, according to Grant Jacobs, Canadian National Director of Apprenticeship and Education. Jacobs, pictured in the first two photos kneeling/sitting at left, led the course, assisted by Jonathan White, Assistant National Training Coordinator, pictured to Jacobs’s right.

Locals  L-128, L-146, L-359, L-555
Reporter  V50N2

Boilermaker retiree brings ministry to auto racing

IN LATE 1999, John Roberts faced a life-changing decision. After being diagnosed with Hepatitis C years earlier, he needed a liver transplant to survive. The retired Local 105 (Piketon, Ohio) member said he made a pact with God — if God would see him through the transplant, Roberts vowed to “spend the rest of my time serving Him.”

Locals  L-105
Reporter  V50N2

Group profiles L-73 for giving back to community

L-73 Boilermakers (l. to r.), Kim Blyth, assistant BM-ST, Kevin Chaisson, BM-ST, and Daniel Dezainde, dispatcher, are featured in a newspaper story describing the lodge’s charitable activities. Kâté Braydon/Telegraph Journal

Lodge cited for generosity, quick response

LIKE MANY BOILERMAKER lodges, Local 73 (Saint John, New Brunswick) does its share of charitable giving. In fact, the generosity of L-73 and its 600 members runs well into the tens of thousands of dollars annually.

Tags  Local News
Locals  L-73
Reporter  V50N2

Labor board to sue states over antiunion laws

Arizona, South Dakota seek to preempt Free Choice

IF THE EMPLOYEE Free Choice Act ever became law, workers could form a union simply and quickly. All they would need is a majority of the proposed bargaining unit to sign cards. Or they could choose to opt for a secret ballot election. However, the governments of four states, all led by Republican governors with Republican-dominated legislatures, have recently passed constitutional amendments to deny workers the first option, should Free Choice ever become the law of the land.

Reporter  V50N2

Boilermaker refuses to rest while Brothers need help

After working in 29 states, Steve Lindley, an NTD member, knows what it takes to travel down long roads.

IT WAS TAKING control of him, and he was starting to believe he didn’t have much time to live. The once mysterious illness that had affected his ability to work was growing worse. So Steve Lindley did the only thing he’d been known to do — he kept going.

Locals  NTD
Reporter  V50N2


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