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the Boilermaker Reporter

Volume 48, Number 1
Jan 2009 to Mar 2009


Included articles:

Election 2008 Boilermakers' endorsements, Obama-McCain candidate comparison, Local 614 members build submarine in record time, NASSCO workers ratify agreement, Labor's opponents attack Employee Free Choice Act, L-146's Pinault wins Canadian apprentice contest, 2008 Boilermaker scholarship content winners, and much, much more...

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L-5’s Nickolas helps run railroad museum

Bill Nickolas displays the locomotive and coal car from his 1950 Scout Lionel train set.

Trains, history have been lifelong passion

BILL NICKOLAS, 62, owns more than 50 locomotive engines and hundreds of rail cars. No, he’s not a railroad tycoon — he’s a hobbyist who has drawn upon his love of miniature trains and local history to help create a railroad museum in Oswego, N.Y., near his hometown of Scriba.

Tags  Retiree News
Locals  L-5, L-175
Reporter  V48N1

Death of L-128’s Silversides inspires reporter

L-128’s Steve Silversides

Toronto Star writer recounts neighbor’s struggle with asbestos cancer

AMONGST HIS UNION brothers and sisters in Eastern Canada, Steve Silversides stood as a model of strength and dependability. No job seemed too big for the hearty, 54-year-old member of Local 128 (Toronto, Ontario), an avid hockey player and mountain biker. Silversides became a Boilermaker at age 19. During his career, he worked in construction, trained apprentices, represented union members, and looked after the health and safety of other Boilermakers.

Locals  L-128
Reporter  V48N1

Tags  LEAP Issues
Reporter  V48N1

Tags  Shipbuilding
Locals  L-19
Reporter  V48N1

Local 6 members keep shipbuilder “afloat”

Local 6 members are building a barge for Sasso Sabbia LLC in Petaluma, Calif.

Sasso Sabbia LLC signs agreement with Local 6

SASSO SABBIA LLC, a barge-building operation in Petaluma, Calif., has signed an agreement with Local 6 (Oakland, Calif.). According to Local 6 Bus. Rep Dave King, Sasso signed the union agreement after their nonunion venture ended with the sinking of their first barge on its maiden voyage — with only half a load on board.

With a completion date of March 2009 nearing, the company already has two more barges on order and it looks like smooth sailing for this new union contractor.

Tags  Shipbuilding
Locals  L-6
Reporter  V48N1

L-374’s Maday named Labor Leader of the Week

Local 374 BM-ST Paul Maday is named Labor Leader of the Week by the Indiana AFL-CIO.

PAUL MADAY, business manager/secretary-treasurer of Local 374 (Hammond, Ind.), has been named the Sept. 22 Labor Leader of the Week by the Indiana AFL-CIO.

In naming Maday, the federation cited his local’s political activism in support of Barack Obama, which included labor walks, member-to-member phone banking, and mailings to members.

Maday, who joined Local 374 as an apprentice in 1976, has served as the lodge’s business manager since June 2005. Chartered in 1936, Local 374 is a shop and construction lodge representing members in Northwest Indiana.

Tags  Local News
Locals  L-374
Reporter  V48N1


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    Locals award service pins

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  • From l. to r., B&W’s Boilermaker superintendent Don Wallace, supervisor Eric Boggs, rigging engineer Steve Fox, construction manager Marty Crum, and L-744’s Steven Walters, foreman Stephen Ginley, Business Manager Martin Mahon and (kneeling) Gregory Pamer.

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  • L-5, Z-7’s Jacob Weber and partner Zane Martin, L-29, both from the Northeast, work on the buddy weld exercise. The test requires contestants to cut out a section of a bad tube and replace it with a new one.

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