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the Boilermaker Reporter

Volume 48, Number 1
Jan 2009 to Mar 2009


Included articles:

Election 2008 Boilermakers' endorsements, Obama-McCain candidate comparison, Local 614 members build submarine in record time, NASSCO workers ratify agreement, Labor's opponents attack Employee Free Choice Act, L-146's Pinault wins Canadian apprentice contest, 2008 Boilermaker scholarship content winners, and much, much more...

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Letters to the Editor

Stimpson family is grateful for support

While I have never met many of you, I want to let each and every one of you know that I, along with our young son, have been overwhelmed with your warm words of comfort and your generosity during our time of loss.

I always wondered why you are called “brothers,” and now I know. All of you are Terry’s brothers and you will forever be in my heart and prayers. Again, I thank you so very much and pray each of you stays safe.

Alex and Isaac Stimpson
Peculiar, Mo.

Tags  Featured
Locals  L-83, L-524, L-667, L-726
Reporter  V48N1

Unions form network to counter multinational cement companies

Boilermakers attending the first meeting of the North American Cement and Building Materials Union Network are Jim Pressley, ED-ISO (second from left); Gary Prochnow, D-ISS&O (third from left); Mark Kelly, IR (center front, in black shirt); and Carey Allen, D-ISO (fifth from right). At far left is Phee Jung-sun, ICEM materials section manager. Photo courtesy Jan Voets

Boilermakers, Steelworkers lead group; network will coordinate bargaining strategies

FIVE UNIONS THAT represent workers in the North American cement/building materials industry have created a network to coordinate collective bargaining strategies and other activities. The Boilermakers and the Steelworkers will co-coordinate the group. Other participants include the Mine Workers, the Laborers, and the Teamsters.

Tags  Headline News
Locals  L-D27
Reporter  V48N1

L-83 hosts man working 50 jobs in 50 states

Career-seeker Daniel Seddiqui, second from left, gets some first-hand experience with a tube beveling machine at Local 83 in Kansas City, Mo. From left are welding instructor Mike Anderson, Seddiqui, welding instructor Clayton “Lumpy” Knepp, and BM-ST Randy Cruse.

Daniel Seddiqui adds “boilermaker” to list of occupations for new book

LOCAL 83 (Kansas City, Mo.) hosted a most unusual guest the week of January 5-9 — a man who hopes to work 50 jobs in 50 states in 50 weeks.

Tags  Local News
Locals  L-83
Reporter  V48N1

Northrop Grumman stewards attend training in Louisiana

LOCAL LODGE 1814 (Bridge City, La.) hosted steward training on Jan. 15-16 for workers represented by the New Orleans Metal Trades Council at Northrop Grumman Ship Systems.

The council supported the training, with stewards attending from Boilermaker Locals 37 (New Orleans) and 1814, as well as affiliate locals IBEW L-733, Painters L-2330, Pipefitters L-60, and the Asbestos Workers Union.

Thirty-seven stewards participated in the two-day training, discussing political action, safety, grievance handling and preparation, record keeping, and contract language.

Locals  L-37, L-1814
Reporter  V48N1

Pres. Obama keeps promise to support unions

Newton B. Jones, Intl. President

Labor applauds middle class task force, new executive orders

CAMPAIGN PROMISES OFTEN wind up in the dust bins of history. However sincere those promises may be, the realities of office can quickly undo them.

Reporter  V48N1

Scholarship applications for union leaders available now

Union Privilege’s program helps develop leadership diversity

EMBRACING ITS MISSION to enhance the value of union membership and support a stronger labor movement, Union Privilege offers the Union Leaders of the Future Scholarship and Mentoring Program to help more women and people of color become union leaders.

Tags  Scholarships
Reporter  V48N1

EPA tightens air standard for lead

Agency makes tenfold reduction in amount of lead allowed

THE ENVIRONMENTAL Protection Agency signed a final rule Oct. 15 that reduces the National Ambient Air Quality Standard for lead tenfold, from 1.5 micrograms of lead per cubic meter of air to 0.15 micrograms per cubic meter. The change is the agency’s first reduction since 1978.

An EPA news release said the revised standard is intended to increase protection against an array of adverse health effects, particularly effects on children’s developing nervous systems.

Reporter  V48N1

Father and son work as a team

RANDY AND JEREMY PAINTER are a father-and-son team working at the John Amos Power Plant in Winfield, W.Va. Both are members of Local 667 (Charleston, W.Va.). Randy joined the union in 1995; Jeremy in 2005.

Tags  Local News
Locals  L-667
Reporter  V48N1

Need financial help? Union SAFE benefits may be the answer.

Union Plus program helps with job loss, nonreimbursed hospital bills, college savings

WITH MANY WORKING families in financial distress as a result of the sharp downturn in the U.S. economy, Union Plus is launching a program of new and enhanced benefits to assist eligible union members facing hardships.

The new benefits program, called Union SAFE — for Security, Assistance, and Financial Education — provides a wide array of benefits, including help for those suffering from layoffs, to soaring hospital costs, mortgage debt, and college savings.

Reporter  V48N1

L-199 campaigning was ‘greatest in 32 years’

Among the L-199 volunteers who worked tirelessly to help elect pro-worker candidates in 2008 are, l. to r., Shane Ferguson, apprentice; Dale Ferguson, 32-year member; Jerry Rhoden, retired member; David McKendree, trustee; and Erica King, apprentice.

Members use rallies, walks, mail, phones in 2008 elections

“THIS WAS THE greatest participation I have witnessed in my 32 years as a L-199 [Jacksonville, Fla.] member,” said BM-ST Carl Ferguson recently, as he reflected on his local’s effort to support pro-worker candidates in the 2008 elections.

Tags  LEAP Issues
Locals  L-199
Reporter  V48N1


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