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the Boilermaker Reporter

Volume 47, Number 2
Apr 2008 to Jun 2008


Included articles:

L-374 members build base for floating casino, IVP George Rogers retires, LEAP holds 40th conference, Construction members meet, Funds office announces improvements, shipyard nets big contract, and much, much more...

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Panel describes local political activism

L-449 (Sturgeon Bay, Wisc.) Sec-Treas. Warren Demmin.

Passion and power of one vote are key ingredients

THREE LOCAL LEADERS took the podium at the LEAP conference April 23 to describe their lodges’ involvement in political action.

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Reporter  V47N2

The Discovery of Global Warming

How the Greenhouse Effect works

THE DISCOVERY OF global warming has its roots in an unlikely source — the search for an explanation of the ice ages.

In the 19th and early 20th centuries, the idea of ice ages was new, and scientists were clamoring for an explanation of how they began. Weather fluctuations are normal, but always within narrow confines. What would cause temperatures to drop so much that ice sheets miles thick would cover vast reaches of the northern hemisphere?

Reporter  V47N2

Construction Boilermakers meet

IP Newton Jones discusses the future of coal.

March conference keys on elections, national funds, coal technology

BOILERMAKERS ATTENDING THE annual Construction Division conference in Marco Island, Fla., March 2-7 found plenty of information to digest. From the national elections, to major changes at our national funds office, to the future of coal, and more, lodge leaders heard about changes that are unfolding and will impact their locals and their members.

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LEAP offers silver commemorative coin

The LEAP 2008 40th anniversary coin reflects the anniversary date on one side, the Boilermakers’ official seal on the other.

Limited-quantity available for $100 CAF donation

FOR A LIMITED TIME, members who make a $100 contribution to the Boilermakers’ Campaign Assistance Fund (CAF) will receive a silver coin commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Boilermakers’ annual conference of the Legislative Education Action Program (LEAP).

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Reporter  V47N2

Local 182 wins national NACBE safety award

Local 182 acting BM-ST Casey Tibbs, center, accepts the national NACBE safety award as IVP Tom Baca (Western States), l., and NACBE Exec. Dir. John Erickson join in the presentation.

THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION of Construction Boilermaker Employers (NACBE) presented its annual safety award to the top-performing locals from the Boilermakers’ five U.S. vice-presidential areas March 2. The presentations were made during the Brotherhood’s annual construction conference at Marco Island, Fla.

Reporter  V47N2

Boilermakers receive awards for CAF, LEF support

LEAP delegates from Local 154, Pittsburgh, accept the award for the highest CAF contribution by a local.

Money helps pro-worker candidates, builds strong member education

BOILERMAKERS WHO EXCELLED at raising money for CAF and LEF in 2007 received recognition during the annual LEAP conference in Washington, D.C., April 21. Bridget Martin, Director of the Boilermakers’ Government Affairs Department, presented crystal “capitol dome” awards to vice-presidential sections and individual local lodges for exceptional performance.

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Reporter  V47N2

Locals award service pins

Local 1 — Chicago

John Skermont, BM-ST of Local 1, Chicago, reports presentation of membership pins to the following:

  • 55 YEARS – Eugene Wick;
  • 30 YEARS – Edward Ryan, Mark Vanderway, Walter Wielicki; and
  • 25 YEARS – August Pusateri.

Local 37 — New Orleans

David Hegeman, BM-ST of Local 37, New Orleans, reports presentation of a membership pin to the following retiree:

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Letters to the Editor

Family of L-83 member gives thanks, shares message of hope

THE FAMILY OF Micheal Stutzman, Local 83 [Kansas City, Mo.], wishes to thank Local 83 members and members throughout the United States for the cards, memorials, flowers, and phone calls we received. A special thanks to those who came to Mike’s visitation and service.

Reporter  V47N2

New contract summaries

Negotiating a three-year agreement for Local D523 members at Imerys are (l. to r.), front row, D523 Pres. Gary Haynes, Kaolin Mgr. Gary Haynes, and D523 ST Raymond Foster; standing, IR John Chapman, D523’s Bobby Cooper, Sr. HR Mgr. Tracee Sanders, plant mgr. Don Belcher, and production mgr. Steve Grant.

A brief listing of recent agreements signed and ratified by Boilermaker local lodges

National Cement Lodge

Effective Dec. 15, 2007 to Dec. 14, 2013, for five members of the National Cement Lodge who work in shipping and maintenance at Cemex, a manufacturer of Portland cement in Neville Island, Pa.

Local 5 — New York

Effective Dec. 1, 2007 to Nov. 30, 2008, for two members of Local 5, New York, who make fiberglass storage tanks at Cardinal Fiberglass Industries Inc.

Reporter  V47N2

Boilermakers, Allegheny Energy partner on new training facility

IVP Sean Murphy (second from left) thanks those responsible for the new training facility at Allegheny Energy. L. to r., L-667 BM-ST George Pinkerman, IR Marty Stanton, and Generation Maintenance Director Tony Cantanese.

Power station dedicates new center to fast-track welding program

A COOPERATIVE EFFORT to increase training for union Boilermakers has led to the opening of a new learning facility at Allegheny Energy’s Harrison Power Station in Haywood, W.Va. A Jan. 17 dedication celebrated the joint effort between the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers and Allegheny Energy, an investor-owned utility with over $3 billion in annual revenues and more than 4,000 employees.

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