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the Boilermaker Reporter

Volume 46, Number 4
Oct 2007 to Dec 2007


Included articles:

Local 83's Knox wins national apprentice competition, IEC confirms Warren Fairley as IVPAL, Local 169 completes extreme makeover, International wins three ILCA awards, Tripartite conference grapples with construction industry issues, # Local 26 member earns gold in marksmanship # Local 27 retire and much, much more...

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Local 83’s Knox wins national apprentice competition

Christopher Knox of L-83 (Kansas City, Mo.) admires his first-place trophy during the 2007 National Outstanding Apprenticeship Award banquet held in Kansas City Sept. 27.

L-40’s Vanmeter takes second place; Southeast Area sweeps top spots two years in a row

CHRISTOPHER KNOX, Local 83 (Kansas City, Mo.), placed first in the 20th annual national outstanding apprenticeship competition Sept. 23-27, and teammate William Vanmeter, Local 40 (Elizabethtown, Ky.), took second. The pair also won the team award for the Southeast Area. This is the second consecutive year the Southeast has won the top two individual places as well as the team honors.

Reporter  V46N4

IEC confirms Warren Fairley as IVPAL - Industrial Sector

IVP Warren Fairley

BY UNANIMOUS VOTE of the International Executive Council (IEC), Warren Fairley was named the International Vice President-at-Large - Industrial Sector, effective Oct. 24. In his role as IVP-IS, Fairley will support the regional vice presidents in their servicing of our industrial sector lodges (shipbuilding, railroad, cement, stove, and metal) and will serve as an advocate for these members on the IEC.

Through IVP Fairley, industrial sector lodges will have another voice and vote on the Executive Council, in addition to their regional International vice president.

Reporter  V46N4

Organizational changes will improve industrial sector service

Newton B. Jones, Intl. President

New sector director, IVP provide support and advocacy for industrial sector lodges

THE INTERNATIONAL EXECUTIVE Council (IEC) announces the establishment of the Boilermakers Industrial Sector Services Department (ISSD) to provide service, support, and advocacy for lodges and members in the industrial boiler, forge, shipbuilding, cement, and stove industries. Headed by a Director and overseen by an International Vice President, the new department will enable the International to improve service to industrial sector lodges while reducing the International’s administrative costs.

Reporter  V46N4

New contract summaries

A brief listing of recent agreements signed and ratified by Boilermaker local lodges

National Transient Lodge

Effective Aug. 11, 2007 to July 10, 2008, for 32 members of the National Transient Lodge who manufacture tanks and tank systems for the grain processing industry at the Winbco Tank Company in Ottumwa, Iowa. Winbco is a custom manufacturer of tanks, pressure vessels, columns, and equipment for use in the food, grain, ethanol, hydrocarbon, chemical, power, wastewater, fruit juice, and brewing industries.

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Reporter  V46N4

Letters to the Editor

L-26’s Freddie Pipkin will be missed

I WOULD LIKE to thank everyone who expressed their love for Freddie Pipkin (Local 26, Savannah, Ga). There are no words to express my sincere appreciation for all your acts of kindness. Thanks to everyone who sent flowers, cards, memorials, prayers, and to those who came to his memorial. Your thoughtfulness will always have a special place in my heart. He will be missed by all who knew him.

JOELLA S. PIPKIN, wife of Local 26 member, Freddie Pipkin
Juliette, Ga.

Reporter  V46N4

Katrina survivor pursues Boilermaker career

Jason Scott gets a congratulatory kiss from his wife after graduating from an AFL-CIO-sponsored career education and orientation program.

Building trades’ program connects urban residents to jobs

JASON SCOTT CONSIDERS himself one of New Orleans’ more fortunate survivors. Like tens of thousands who rode out Hurricane Katrina in 2005, he escaped to safety by boat after his home flooded. Although unemployment and despair have gripped much of the population, Scott, now 30, landed a job “flippin’ chicken at KFC for $10 an hour.” He has stayed at that job for nearly a year, hoping something better would come along. And something did.

Reporter  V46N4

Local 104 members build ocean-going barge

A tug boat guides the Ho'omaka Hou.

Vessel is first for U.S. Barge at Swan Island shipyard

U.S. BARGE LAUNCHED its first vessel, the Ho’omaka Hou, at a Swan Island shipyard in Portland, Ore., Oct. 16. Built by members of Local 104 (Seattle), Ho’omaka Hou means “a new beginning” in Hawaiian. And that’s just what it represents for U.S. Barge, a joint venture between Vigor Industrial and Oregon Iron Works.

Locals  L-104
Reporter  V46N4

Local 92 earns praise from owner, contractor

Members’ rigging and welding skills dazzle observers

IT WAS A dirty job that fell into the capable hands of Local 92 members (Los Angeles). A dirty job that when completed earned kudos from both the owner and the contractor.

Locals  L-92
Reporter  V46N4


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