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Per capita tax increases by 30 cents, dues by 60 cents

Compared to wage increases, union dues increases are minimal

SINCE 2002, THE AVERAGE monthly wage for unionized workers has increased from $3,090 to $3,489 — a monthly increase of $399. During the same five-year period, Boilermaker union dues have increased by an average of only $4.80 per month.

Union contracts in 2006 improve over 2005

THE BUREAU OF NATIONAL Affairs reports that an analysis of new collective bargaining agreements through Nov. 20, 2006, shows an average wage increase of 3.4 percent in the first year of the contract, compared to 3.1 percent in the comparable period of 2005.

Major contracts reached during the period include a new three-year contract between Tyson Foods and the United Food and Commercial Workers, representing approximately 900 workers in Ohio, and new three-year contracts between St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center and United Auto Workers, covering approximately 2,650 workers.

DOE proposal would reduce employee benefits

Unions join Congress and public in demanding plan review

Under pressure from organized labor, Congress, and the public, the Department of Energy last year suspended a controversial new policy that would end reimbursements to contractors for traditional, defined-benefit pension and comprehensive medical plans. Secretary of Energy Samuel Bodman ordered the one-year suspension just three weeks after he first announced the new policy. The department had planned on full implementation of the new policy by March 1, 2007.

Boilermakers help restore balance to Congress

Grass-root efforts like this casual porch meeting help spread the message about the importance of voting and getting to know your candidate.

Members participate in Labor 2006 to get out the vote and the message

WITH DOZENS OF governor, Senate, House, and state legislative positions in play, 2006 presented a real opportunity for working families to take back control from the anti-worker majority that held power. And that is just what workers did, tipping the scales back in favor of the Democratic Party.

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Tom Baca is new Western States IVP

Intl. Pres. Newton. B. Jones (r.) swears in Tom Baca as the new International vi

Joe Stinger retires after 40 years of service

The Intl. executive council voted J. Tom Baca into the office of International vice president for the Western States effective January 31. Baca, BM-ST for Local 549 (Pittsburg, Calif.), was nominated by International President Newton B. Jones to take the position vacated by IVP Joe Stinger’s retirement.

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Metal Trades sues Coast Guard over ‘kit ships’

Outsourcing work to South Korea violates Jones Act, says MTD

THE METAL TRADES Department, acting on behalf of more than 500 union workers at Aker American Shipping’s Philadelphia shipyard, filed a lawsuit in January alleging the U.S. Coast Guard has violated the Merchant Marine Act of 1920 (commonly known as the Jones Act) by outsourcing shipbuilding work to South Korea.

Boilermakers attend ASA conference

Congressman Thomas Allen (D-1st ME) discusses legislative issues with Assistant Director of Government Affairs Abe Breehey

DGA staff members meet with owners, key members of Congress

When Boilermakers Director of Government Affairs Bridget Martin and Assistant Director Abe Breehey attended the annual conference and legislative workshop of the American Shipbuilding Association (ASA) in November, the arguments they made (and the ones they heard) were nearly identical to the ones made each year at the Boilermakers LEAP Conference. That fact is surprising to many people, because the ASA is an organization that represents shipyards – that is, Boilermaker employers.

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IVP James Hickenbotham retires

Jim Hickenbotham retires after serving 12-plus years as IVPAL.

Former Cement Division director ends 34-year career

James Hickenbotham Jr., 61, International vice president for the CLGAW Division since Oct. 1994, retired January 17.

He began his career as a member of the Paper Workers Union. Eight years later, he went to work for Lonestar Inc. at its Roanoke cement plant, joining Local D314 (Daleville, Va.) in 1973. He served the lodge as both a recording secretary and local president. In January 1988, Hickenbotham was appointed International rep, just four years after the CLGAW union merged with the Boilermakers in March 1984.

Senco Construction earns top OSHA award

Senco representatives display the STAR banner they earned at the Marathon Petroleum Co. in Robinson, Ill. Pictured behind the banner, beginning fourth from left, are Senco officers Don Bickers, vice president; Steve Neeley, CEO/owner; and Resa Shaner, president. In the third row, second, third, and sixth from left respectively, are NTL Boilermaker foremen Tom Farrar and Tim Midgett, and NTL Boilermaker steward Guy Tewell. (Photo by Tom Compton)

Contractor is first to receive STAR award in Illinois, and first Marathon Petroleum contractor awarded nationwide

The U.S. Department of Labor has approved VPP STAR status for NTL contractor Senco Construction Inc. — the highest OSHA award available.

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