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Boilermakers update NOA for Canadian workers

NAO participants include, l. to r.: front row, Bill Rogers (L-359), Mark A. MacNeil (L-73), Ted Hryhoruk (L-555), and Curtis Booth (L-146); back row, Doug Shears (L-359), Brad Currie and Gilles Brideau of L-73, Dave Lewis (L-128), and Nathan Ebenal (L-555).

Analysis will help members qualify for interprovincial work

NINE BOILERMAKERS have updated a national occupational analysis (NOA) for the Canadian government. The revised NOA describes the trade requirements for a construction Boilermaker. It will be used to update an exam workers take to earn a “Red Seal” that allows them to work in other Canadian provinces.

Brett tours South Korea

Shannon Brett places a hand on the Reunification Sculpture at the Demilitarized Zone in South Korea.

Boilermaker rep serves as delegate for international exchange group

“STANDING AT THE Demilitarized Zone and looking into North Korea, a communist country, was one of the most striking things we did on our trip,” said Shannon Brett, assistant to the director of the Boilermakers government affairs department. “It makes you fully realize that tense, Cold War-style relations are still going on in the world.”

L-128 opens new union hall in Toronto

IP Newton B. Jones (l.) joins Local 128 (Toronto, Ontario) BM-ST Jim Tinney in ribbon-cutting ceremonies for the lodge’s new hall and training facility.

Event coincides with lodge’s 60th anniversary

MEMBERS OF LOCAL 128 (Toronto, Ontario) celebrated two milestones May 19: the grand opening of their new union hall and the 60th anniversary of the local. The lodge received its charter on May 19, 1947.

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L-73 will help build cruise ship

L-73 members are building this new luxury cruise ship in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Vessel will be first cruise ship constructed in Canada since 1930s

BOILERMAKERS AT LOCAL 73 (Halifax, Nova Scotia) will soon begin work on a new cruise ship — a project some say has not been undertaken in Canada since the 1930s.

L-453 erects absorber, ductwork at Knoxville power plant

This is just one of 125 truckloads of structural components Boilermakers will need to complete a job at one of TVA’s 11 coal-fired fossil plants.

Bull Run is just one of TVA’s 11 coal-fired fossil plants that must meet new clean-air standards

MEMBERS OF LOCAL 453, Knoxville, Tenn., are working hard to clean up the air by erecting a new absorber and ductwork for CBI Services Inc. at the Tennessee Valley Authority’s (TVA) Bull Run Fossil Power Plant, near Knoxville.

Craft of a bygone era keeps the T rolling

The MBTA’s Charles Dailey inspected newly painted spacing devices made by the T’s blacksmith shop.

By Mac Daniel
Photos by David L. Ryan ©Copyright 2007, Globe Newspaper Company.
Republished by permission.

Working amid roaring furnaces and rusty anvils, blacksmiths forge hot steel into switch sticks, pole clamps, shepherd sticks, and other spare parts that long ago stopped being manufactured.

Boilermakers launch new Web site

New design promises more information and greater functionality

In April, the Boilermakers International launched a new Web site. It’s better looking – that’s for sure – and you’ll find it is also has more information. Everything the old site contained is here – and a lot more.

U.S. Senate kills immigration bill

Boilermakers, other trades lobbied against measure

THE HIGHLY CONTROVERSIAL Senate bill to reform immigration went down in flames for the second time June 28 as supporters came up 14 votes short on a cloture motion. Cloture is the process whereby the Senate ends debate and moves a bill to a final vote. Sixty votes are needed for cloture to succeed.


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  • Pictured left to right: IP Newton B. Jones, L-92 BM-ST Oscar Davila, IVP Western States J. Tom Baca and MOST Administrator Mark Garrett.

    Top safety award goes to Local 92

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  • Locals award service pins

    Locals award service pins

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  •  L-D23’s Terris Deans, left, and Daniel Jones repair crane cables at the Cemex plant in Clinchfield, Georgia. Both Deans and Jones are in college through the plant’s college education program.

    L-D23 boosts education and safety at Cemex plant

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  • From l. to r., B&W’s Boilermaker superintendent Don Wallace, supervisor Eric Boggs, rigging engineer Steve Fox, construction manager Marty Crum, and L-744’s Steven Walters, foreman Stephen Ginley, Business Manager Martin Mahon and (kneeling) Gregory Pamer.

    Babcock & Wilcox asks L-744 members to install antique boiler

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  • L-5, Z-7’s Jacob Weber and partner Zane Martin, L-29, both from the Northeast, work on the buddy weld exercise. The test requires contestants to cut out a section of a bad tube and replace it with a new one.

    Local 374’s Shick earns top honors at National Apprenticeship Competition

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