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War on Workers

Stories and photos of unions fighting to protect fundamental labor rights against a rising storm of anti-worker legislation.

Labor board to sue states over antiunion laws

Arizona, South Dakota seek to preempt Free Choice

IF THE EMPLOYEE Free Choice Act ever became law, workers could form a union simply and quickly. All they would need is a majority of the proposed bargaining unit to sign cards. Or they could choose to opt for a secret ballot election. However, the governments of four states, all led by Republican governors with Republican-dominated legislatures, have recently passed constitutional amendments to deny workers the first option, should Free Choice ever become the law of the land.

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Wisconsin governor defends attacking unions

Walker admits weakening unions doesn’t save money

“SOMETIMES,” GOV. SCOTT Walker (R-WI) told Congress on April 14, “bipartisanship is not so good.”

He was testifying before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Government Reform during a hearing on “State and Municipal Debt: Tough Choices Ahead.”

The committee called on two governors with diametrically opposed management styles to testify: Walker and Gov. Pat Shumlin from Vermont.

Pro-worker rallies continue

PUBLIC DEMONSTRATIONS opposing anti-worker legislation are continuing throughout the country. Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and now Pennsylvania have seen massive demonstrations at their state capitols in support of working families.

In Harrisburg, Pa., last week, hundreds of demonstrators marched in opposition to proposed legislation that would take away workers' rights to a union security clause in their collective bargaining agreements. Known as “right-to-work,” this type of legislation has no purpose other than to weaken labor unions.

GOP Budget Would Privatize Medicare

AS CONGRESS DEBATES how to move forward with a 2012 budget, what may be the biggest and most objectionable part of Budget Committee Chair Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) plan seems not to be getting much media coverage: privatizing Medicare.

Of all the objectionable aspects of his proposed budget — and there are many — this one will probably cause the most harm to American workers under 55.

As Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-8th MD) says, “It doesn’t reform Medicare. It deforms and dismantles it.”


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