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L-D561 members ink 8-year contract


L-D561 negotiating committee members, l. to r., Jim Rhedin, Kermit Gates, Scott Schreiner, Ernie West and Rolland “Kit” Cooper.

Lodge sees wage increases, other improvements

MEMBERS OF LOCAL D561 (Weeping Water, Nebraska) employed by Kerford Limestone ratified an eight-year collective bargaining agreement in late July that will provide a 24.6 percent wage increase over the term of the agreement along with other improvements.

International Rep Bill Coleman said negotiations began on Monday, July 25, and lodge members voted on the proposed contract on Friday of the same week. “The unusually long term of the agreement raised some initial concerns with members,” he noted, “but the overall package was very good.”

Members approved the contract 35-2.

L-D561 President Rolland “Kit” Cooper called the contract “one of the best I’ve ever been involved in.”

Other changes included improvements in vacation pay, disability pay and 401(k) contributions as well as an attendance incentive program and a $1,000 signing bonus.

L-D561 members work in an underground limestone mine, producing products for various uses, including cement, cattle feed, shoreline protection (rip rap), and consumer items such as antacids.

Locals  L-D561
Reporter  V55N3
Published on the Web: August 18, 2016

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