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CD conference assesses industry challenges, opportunities

Kyle Evenson, ED-CSO, chairs the annual construction conference March 2-5.

Despite economic downturn, business managers hear good news

THE WORLD ECONOMY may be in a tailspin, but business managers still heard some good news at the annual Boilermaker Construction Division conference at Marco Island, Fla., March 2-5.

The union added about 1,500 members in 2008, despite plant closings and a slow-down in capital projects. Total construction man-hours worked last year hit 40 million, up nearly 10 percent from 2007. And construction members tied a record for safety on the job, even with the additional man-hours and an influx of new craftsmen.

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Haggerty named to NMAPC board of directors

David Haggerty

Committee negotiates, administers national maintenance agreements for 14 unions

DAVID HAGGERTY, Director of National Construction Agreements and Special Assistant to the International President, has been appointed to the National Maintenance Agreements Policy Committee Inc. (NMAPC) board of directors effective Feb. 4.

Haggerty credits his appointment by the new NMAPC board chairman, Brent Booker from the Laborers union, as a direct result of the number of man-hours Boilermakers work under the National Maintenance Agreement.

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Economist argues for larger stimulus package

Moderates in the Senate who have negotiated a slimmer version of Pres. Obama’s stimulus package are missing the boat, says economist Dean Baker, co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR). They have managed to reduce the total cost of the package by about $100 billion, he says, but in doing so they have also reduced the number of jobs it will create by about one million.

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Unions form network to counter multinational cement companies

Boilermakers attending the first meeting of the North American Cement and Building Materials Union Network are Jim Pressley, ED-ISO (second from left); Gary Prochnow, D-ISS&O (third from left); Mark Kelly, IR (center front, in black shirt); and Carey Allen, D-ISO (fifth from right). At far left is Phee Jung-sun, ICEM materials section manager. Photo courtesy Jan Voets

Boilermakers, Steelworkers lead group; network will coordinate bargaining strategies

FIVE UNIONS THAT represent workers in the North American cement/building materials industry have created a network to coordinate collective bargaining strategies and other activities. The Boilermakers and the Steelworkers will co-coordinate the group. Other participants include the Mine Workers, the Laborers, and the Teamsters.

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New president faces record unemployment

AS THE FIRST African-American president prepares to start his term, the job situation continues to deteriorate. The nation has lost jobs in each of first 10 months of this year, and statements from automakers suggest we’ll see more layoffs before President-elect Obama is sworn in.

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Miners challenge McCain’s coal record

Boilermakers who work in construction and in coal mines know that clean coal technology may help power our country for many decades to come – and preserve good-paying Boilermaker jobs. While the Obama-Biden campaign has come out strongly in support of clean coal technology, John McCain has repeatedly shown he is no friend of coal.

See what the United Mine Workers say about McCain’s real record on coal.

International wins six ILCA awards

“The Reporter” competes with other labor publications

THE BOILERMAKERS’ Communication Department won a first-place award, a second-place award, and four third-place awards from the International Labor Communications Association (ILCA) for work performed in 2007. All six awards were for excellence in newspaper publishing.

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AIP Bill Almond retires

William J. Almond, Director of the National Transient Division and AIP, retires effective August 1.

Director of National Transient Division calls end to 45-year career as ‘tankie’

AFTER A DISTINGUISHED 45-year career with the Boilermakers, AIP and Director of the National Transient Division (NTD) William J. Almond retired Aug. 1.

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Construction Boilermakers meet

IP Newton Jones discusses the future of coal.

March conference keys on elections, national funds, coal technology

BOILERMAKERS ATTENDING THE annual Construction Division conference in Marco Island, Fla., March 2-7 found plenty of information to digest. From the national elections, to major changes at our national funds office, to the future of coal, and more, lodge leaders heard about changes that are unfolding and will impact their locals and their members.

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Pension trustees grapple with new mandates

TRUSTEES OF THE Boilermaker-Blacksmith National Pension Trust will meet this June to determine what changes may be needed to comply with the Pension Protection Act of 2006. The law imposes new requirements that are intended to ensure pension plans are funded at certain levels.

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