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LEAP Issues

Boilermakers join One Nation Rally in Washington

Some of the Boilermakers at the rally.

Rally for jobs, justice, and education draws attention to November elections

Members of Boilermaker Locals 45, 57, 154, 193, 199, and 502 – active and retired – attended the One Nation Working Together rally in Washington, D.C, on Oct. 2.

With only one month to go until national elections, AFL-CIO labor unions, civil rights groups, and other pro-worker organizations used the occasion to focus attention on the need to create jobs and get American workers back to work.

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Locals  L-45, L-57, L-154, L-193, L-199, L-502

Informed union voters can make a big difference November 2

THE CANDIDATES LISTED below have been selected by the leadership of the local lodges in their areas, along with the Boilermakers' Government Affairs Department, as those who will best support working families.

We know that how you vote is a personal decision. And we respect that decision. We also know that working families will make a huge difference in these elections — just as we did in 2008, when many pro-worker candidates were elected to Congress and to state and local offices across the nation.

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L-154 rallies for clean coal

BOILERMAKERS RALLY FOR COAL: Pittsburgh, Aug. 25 — With a comprehensive energy and climate bill stalled in the Senate, Local 154 members take to the street to voice their concerns about the future of coal. More than 700 Boilermakers participate, drawing a substantial police presence to keep the road clear, but only one protester is cited, for a minor violation. Copyright ©, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 2010, all rights reserved. Reprinted with permission.

More than 700 take to the street in Pittsburgh

CONCERNED ABOUT THE future of coal as an energy source, more than 700 members of Local 154 demonstrated outside their Pittsburgh lodge Aug. 25, drawing the attention of rush hour commuters, police, and the media.

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Locals  L-154

L-40 picnic draws candidate for U.S. Senate

L-40 BM-ST Ray Parrott, r., visits with Jack Conway, c., Kentucky attorney general and Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, as L-40 Chairman of Trustees William Link looks on. In background is L-40 member Jim Arnett, Conway’s chief of staff.

Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway visits lodge

ONE OF THE candidates in a key U.S. Senate race in Kentucky was on hand at Local 40 (Elizabethtown) during the lodge’s annual picnic June 12. Democrat Jack Conway, currently the state’s attorney general, visited with members and lodge leaders during a trip across the state.

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Locals  L-40

DOE announces $1B for FutureGen 2.0

Carbon capture and storage program will include world’s first commercial-scale oxy-combustion unit; could boost Boilermaker work

THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION signaled its continuing commitment to advanced coal technology Aug. 5 when the Department of Energy announced a $1 billion award for a carbon capture and storage program in downstate Illinois known as FutureGen 2.0.

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Obama signs bill to extend unemployment

Democrats finally break through Republican obstructionism

WITH AMERICANS struggling to find jobs, unemployment insurance has been a lifeline that helps cover the basics of everyday living until people can get back on their feet. Even so, Republicans have repeatedly blocked efforts to extend unemployment benefits to 2.5 million people.

That obstructionism came to an end July 21 when the Senate passed the $34 billion measure with the minimum of 60 yes votes. The House had previously approved the bill 272-152. President Obama signed the extension on July 23.

Obama signs Wall Street Reform bill

Measure seeks to prevent shadowy financial dealings

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA signed a new bill July 21 that will bring needed reforms to Wall Street. In the wake of the financial crash of 2008 that sent the U.S. economy into a steep recession, many had clamored for substantial new changes that would increase government oversight of big banks and investment firms, making Wall Street more accountable and making all Americans more secure.

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LEAP honors two members for activism

L-11 President Robert Winger (c.) receives an award from IP Newton Jones, left, with IVP J. Tom Baca at right.

Winger, Maciejewski receive recognition

TWO MEMBERS WHO exemplify outstanding political activism received special recognition at this year’s LEAP conference.

Robert Winger, president of Local 11 (Helena, Mont.), received a certificate of appreciation for promoting clean coal technology. Winger has built positive relationships with the offices of Montana’s senators.

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Locals  L-11, L-107
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2010 Congressional Reception

FOR BOILERMAKER delegates attending the LEAP conference, the congressional reception is a special opportunity to build on the relationships they have established with U.S. senators and representatives.

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